Images Of The Gallery

Images of the Gallery

Our Inukchuk has taken many forms.
The back of the Gallery viewed from the Waterfront Trail.
An Inspiring place to paint and enjoy the scenery as Artist Rod Padget is doing here.
The sunrises are a stunning backdrop to our sculpture garden.
Our sculpture garden has a water feature and is admired by many passers by on the trail.
Adjacent to the sculpture garden is the Waterfront Studio which can be rented. It has lots of light and is winterized.
Inside the gallery we have Three large exhibition rooms. This is the Lake view room during the “Sticks and Stones” exhibition this past July.
Here you can see the middle gallery as seen looking from the front Fireplace room.
The Fireplace room.
At the top of the stairs from the fireplace room is the Marla Panko Studio, which can also be rented.
Many who have used this space say they have never been more productive. It offers a truly inspiring view.
Our warm and friendly hosts are always on hand to greet and guide you. Martin Nye, the Gallery Director and Christine Averink the Gallery Manager.
Lots of interesting people stop by to see our gallery including federal MPP Wayne Marston.
Regina Haggo and her husband Doug stopped by to review Robert Carley’s fantastic abstract work.
The Sunrise Gallery hosts an opening reception for each new show usually on the first Saturday of each month from 2-5pm.
Every other month on the first Friday we host a reception for the Art Bus. The Art Bus, hosted by Barbara Milne is a great way to gallery hop on a Friday evening.
With the growing support of our membership we are able to offer a great variety of courses. Victoria Pearce has offered a painting workshop for us.
Here a student of Victoria’s is learning how to paint clouds and sky in our Waterfront Studio.
We try our best to show those who have helped us along the way our appreciation.
Mostly we invite the public and the surrounding community to come out and enjoy our facility.

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